Lehari Eventing


Looking for Sponsors/Supporters: 

Kendal is currently looking for sponsors and supporters to help her reach her goal of representing Canada at the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru 2019. If you are interested in sponsoring or supporting her, please contact her for a sponsorship package and individual sponsorship options (klehari@hotmail.com). Supporters can receive tax receipts through Eventing Canada! 

Benefits of Sponsorship

**Access and exposure to a highly desirable target audience **

Your company can travel wherever I go via logo's on the horse trailers, banners, saddle pads, branded clothing etc

My testimonials and promotion will help you reach your sales goals 

      i.e. I have been influential in over 30 saddle sales (~$200,000) for Bruno Delgrange since I began working with them through students/clients/competitions 

Word of mouth: I will help recommend your based on my first hand experience with it to students, clients, fellow competitors and barn owners

Exposure to a diverse and desirable audience at competitions for Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage 

Social Media Presence: I have over 4,000 Facebook friends and 1,500 Instagram followers 

Projected Expenses

Approximate Yearly Cost (1 horse)
Vet (medications, exams) $6,000
Competitions Fees$8,000
Transportation Fees $10,000
Coaching Fees$9,600
Total Fees


Thank-you to my wonderful sponsors and supporters!!


I have been very impressed with the difference Purina has made for my horses. I especially love combining Optimal and Athlete with the grain. My horses have never looked so healthy, shiny and well muscled.  This combination has been a life changer for my hard keepers! Horses that previously looked ribby and wouldn't put weight on now look like a million bucks!

Bruno Delgrange

My first Bruno saddle made a huge difference in my competitive game. I was way more secure in the tack and found it much easier to make time on xc (I wasn't always a speed demon!). I love how my bruno saddles fit all the horses. The soft leather helps you stick to the tack. The entire design was made with a rider in mind and something as small as the stirrup bar being set further back makes a huge difference!

Hayward Sportswear

Hayward?s show jackets are semi-custom. You can choose your liner colour, outer colour and whether you want to add any details on the collar. Even better...they're machine washable!


Not only do these helmets look great, they?re light and they have a very smart design. You can remove the liner so you can wash it. You can personalize your helmet to meet your personality!


These breeches come in a variety of colours. Their new technology for the knee grips are extra sticky. These breeches always wear well. Whether you are riding 1 horse a day or 14, they don?t stretch out and they dry quickly on a hot or rainy day. I am very hard on my gear and so far these breeches have held up for me! Proudly made in Canada!

Higher Standards Leather Care

This leather conditioner and soap does a great job cleaning the leather without leaving a film. It always leaves your tack looking ready to go in the show ring!

Omega Alpha

I have had great success with omega alpha products for a wide variety of issues. My favourite product is RegenerEQ for a horse you suspect has ulcers and combine it wth Biotic 8. I have seen results in as little as two days! For maintenance or horses with joint issues I really like combining SinewX plus and Antiflam. This is a great company to work with, plus they're Canadian!

Trinity Equine

Erin is a nurse whose love for horses and Eventing has encouraged her to branch out and start doing PEMF (Pulse ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy). She is very good with the horses and patient. The horses love their treatments and I?ve noticed large improvements in the horses after 1-2 treatments! It?s especially good on horses who are tight in their backs and take a while to loosen up.

Equilibrium Massage

Kate is great with the horses. She takes her time massaging the horses. They all love her! If you?re an owner who can't be there for your horse, Kate is very good about giving a detailed report. She also does bodywraps! Its basically a spa day for your horse! I have felt a huge difference in my horses body after their treatments. They feel much looser and faster to warm up.


These body protectors are amazing! They are very comfortable and designed with the riders movements in mind. Not only do these vests help protect you, you can personalize them with your colours so you can keep your individuality!

Hit Air

These vests (in combo with tipperary) have definitely saved me from having some serious injuries on more than one occasion. It is basically an air bag that goes off around your core when you fall off. A lot of times my core area won't even be bruised/sore after a fall! I would never leave the start box or XC school without one. They are lightweight and you don?t even notice you?re wearing it.

Justin Argent Farrier Services

Justin is an amazing farrier! He is very good with the horses and takes his time to get to know each one individually re: work load, discipline, age and any issues you may be having. The horses who have more sensitive/poor quality feet have really benefited. They are looking and feeling better then ever!

Majyk Equipe

I love these boots for my horses! They are lightweight, breathable and have extra movable protection in the XC boots. Plus they look great!