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Horses For Sale:

We have a number of horses for sale with various price tags. Most are in training to be sold, so please contact me for up to date prices or details.  We are getting regularly getting new horses in, so even if you don't see what you want here, let me know what you're looking for and I can let you know if we have something suitable. Kendal: 905-715-0208 klehari@hotmail.com 

For Sale:

We don't currently have any sales horses. If you are looking for anything in particular please contact me and I can let you know if something comes up or I know of anything! If you are from out of town I can also put together a group of horses for you to see that would fit your requirements.

Dobbi - 1.30m Jumper 

2008 imported KWPN mare by Lorde Z. Very cool, brave jumper. I have competed her up to 1.35m. She has just come off a lease from the HITS Ocala season where she did 1.10-1.25m with an amateur. She had previously done CCI*** (old CCI**) Eventing. She loves the show ring. She's a feisty, competitive mare in the ring! She is very good in the barn. Not marish. Super for shipping, clipping, etc. No vices. She is very sound, but does not have a clean vetting. Flexions are good, but she does have a chip and changes in her front fetlock. Priced accordingly. 

Horses Sold

We wish the following horses and their new riders the best of luck in their future together!

Sonny - SOLD!

Sonny is a 4 year old, 17' half Thoroughbred/ half perch/clyde. He is the easiest horse to ride and have around. He is very consistent under saddle. He doesn't spook. He's very straightforward on the flat and a very brave jumper.  Doesn't look at anything and wants to jump whatever you point him at. He was first after dressage at his first recognized show! He has schooled pre-training xc and will upgrade next time out. He does not act 4...I can put students on him to jump around! This guy would make an amazing all round family horse. You could put anyone on him! He would also make a great Fox Hunter. He's quite happy anywhere in the order on a hack. No vices. Easy keeper. Happy to live out 24/7, but also fine if he's in at night. He has done a lot of off property schooling. He even spent some time at Woodbine Racetrack to get used to all sorts of sights and sounds! 

3rd - Glen Oro Open Entry

George - Prelim Eventer - SOLD!

2009 16'1 TB Gelding. George did a couple years of Prelim with me and then my mom took over the reins and competed for a year at the Training level. Last year he was on a lease doing the jumpers. He has done up to 1.15m Jumpers. He is trained to Second Level Dressage. He just started back into Eventing and finished on his dressage score going Training. Just jumped around the Open Prelim at Grandview and George was amazing! 28.9 in Dressage, 1 rail (my fault) SJ, double clear xc! George would make a great kids/amateur all rounder horse. He's very straightforward and tries hard. SAFE! Snaffle mouth. Clean legs. Great to hack. This guy is always a perfect gentleman. He is so nice to ride and be around, you cant help but smile and end every ride feeling great. He's a really great teacher; he wont do anything wrong, but if you ask correctly he'll reward you and just go better. Only selling because I don't think he wants to be an Advanced horse, which was my original plan for him. 

Results with Kendal:

Grandview '18: 6th OP

Poplar CIC* - 3rd

Stuart CIC* - 6th

Grandview OP - 5th

Grandview OP - 7th

Rockinng Horse OP- 5th

Richland Park OP - 5th

Ocala HT OP - 5th

Will O'Wind OP - 4th

Grandview OI - 10th

Ocala OT - 8th

Training Results with Gwen:

Ocala OT- 3rd

Rocking Horse OT - 4th

Rocking Horse ON - 3rd

Grandview OT- 6th

Bronte OT - 8th

For Sale: Rezi 

3 yr old 16' Bay Sport Horse Gelding by Rios Blueprint. Rezi is one of the smartest hoses I have backed. Its like he's an old sole and been ridden his whole life! He is a nice mover with lovely presence on the flat. I've started jumping him under saddle, and he was very good and straight froward. We have free jumped him and he has very good form, tight knees and careful. Plus he's jumped out of his paddock, so he's scopey! He is very kind and should make a great amateur horse. No vices, clean legs. Rezi has such nice, balanced gates that he was able to canter his first day under saddle and jump within the first week! He has also been outside and hacked around our xc jumps. He was very brave and not spooky.

Rezi Jumping


For Sale: Chloe - Sold!

Beautiful 4 yr old 16'2 bay Irish Sport Horse mare by Steeped in Luck. She was backed this summer and is currently doing w/t/c and has started jumping. She has a lovely natural balanced, uphill way of going. Very good mover. She shows good form over fences

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjHvVy9eaDs - Free Jumping

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykwfcjPzq-A - Flat

For Sale: Leah - Pre-Training Eventer/Fox Hunter - Sold!

10 yr old 15'3 TB X Mare by A Fine Romance. Leah has competed Pre-Training and Fox Hunted (both in Ontario and Virginia). Unfortunately her owner has been too busy to do much riding in the past two years so she has made the tough decision to sell her. Leah is a nice mover and has a good jump. Not spooky. Lots of scope. Would make a great first horse for a Junior or Amateur. Clean legs, no vices. 


For Sale: Mosley - Pre-Training Eventer - Sold!

5 yr old 16'1 TB gelding. Competing Pre-Training including a season in Ocala, FL. Many top finishes. Amateur friendly. Good mover and brave jumper. Great for hacking. Doesn't change at a horse show. Great to work around. Great amateur/ young rider horse. Ready for Training next season! 

https://youtu.be/7A2geCBwPQk - Dressage at Glen Oro

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB7PQZd5V8s – Rocking Horse XC Novice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M20Zt76Y9s – Rocking Horse XC Beginner Novice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqjHAp8oL7g – Rocking Horse SJ Beginner Novice

Max Power - Training Eventer - SOLD!!

4 yr old Chestnut 16'1 gelding. Max Power is my Thoroughbred Makeover Project horse. He began his re-training in January and will compete at the end of October in Kentucky for the makeover challenge. Following this he will be available for sale. This guy is a great mover, very straight forward. He has already competed Training level (finishing on his dressage score!) Lots of top 5 placings. He campaigned in Ocala, FL in the winter as well as Ontario. Max is great to work around, great for hacking and doesn't change at a show. Just finished 2nd in the Open Training at Grandview. Ready for Prelim next year! 

 Jumping : https://youtu.be/muorkzcZlWA

 Dressage: https://youtu.be/vwJqoo-T9Z0

Highlights over 10 months of Training: https://youtu.be/TvzhBZy_YrI

For Sale: Bob - SOLD!!

4 yr old 16'1 TB gelding. Bob was backed this spring and never raced. He is a good mover and brave jumper. Very amateur friendly. Easy keeper. Has started jumping XC. Great to work with. 

For Sale: Tommy - SOLD!

This guy can do it all! He's a very straight forward, fun horse to ride. 17', 8 yr old, Chestnut Selle Francais/Dutch Warmblood Gelding. Tommy finished  HITS at 1.30m, but has potential to do 1.40m. Tommy previously had evented to Training level & has trained 2nd level dressage. He has auto changes. Tons of show mileage. Amateur friendly. No vices, clean legs, easy keeper, no maintenance. He loves to compete and thrives in the show atmosphere!  Not spooky. The best way to contact me is to call/text 905-715-0208. Otherwise  email klehari@hotmail.com

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igelYWx_ybw - HITS 1.20m March 12

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA7wXX6A8KI - HITS 1.20m March 9 (4th/50)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyPUk4M22bg&index=24&list=PLXmPBNfj2wc7-LnRWwhmtxMlVhBTZZSaA - 1.20m MiniPrix March 7
https://youtu.be/nUkneOAJ9Qw - HITS 1.15m (Feb 26) 6th/42

https://youtu.be/3UYHADFKdeM - Flat with Changes (Feb 5, 2016)

https://youtu.be/H4dVmZaN4Wg - Jump (Feb 5, 2016)

https://youtu.be/aLBqgMuwZMQ - 1.15m Palgrave Sept 24

https://youtu.be/baQkK2xexAM - 1.15m Palgrave

https://youtu.be/hI3h7T2syPQ - 1.10m Palgrave

For Sale: Junior - SOLD!

3 yr old 16'1 grey Oldenburg gelding.  Junior has come straight from the breeder to be backed and sold. He is now doing w/t under saddle outside and has started free jumping. Upper level prospect. Very fancy and great jump. No vices. 

Free Jumping/Under Saddle:  https://youtu.be/8hERIzayUqs

First Day Under Saddle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4aFq5yjuj8

For Sale: Cory- SOLD!!

3 yr old 15'3 Bay TB Gelding. Freshly off the track. Doing w/t/c and has started jumping. Very brave. Clean legs, no vices. 


For Sale: Darwin - Training Eventer - SOLD!

10 yr old, 16’3 bay Oldenburg Gelding by Donetelli. Very good mover, and tons of scope. This guy loves to work. He always tries very hard. He is Eventing at Training level and finished 3rd at his last show. He is very brave, no spook. Great to hack alone/group. He now competes all 3 phases in a snaffle. Easy keeper, no vices, competes barefoot. Will excel in Eventing, Dressage, SJ or Fox Hunting. He is a pleasure to work with at a horse show and at home.

https://youtu.be/qmi9APwQml8 - Dressage March 8

https://youtu.be/kzjmJm8GsmA - XC RH

https://youtu.be/bYtQWz6Zoj4 - RH SJ

https://youtu.be/mFSaGCSRZjM - XC School

https://youtu.be/t7iwVK_cLjw - Schooling Jumpers - 3’

https://youtu.be/CFQ6hdvCRKg - Dressage Feb 1

https://youtu.be/nUBvLjVExQM - Jump

https://youtu.be/4hgjDOyIsow - Flat

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRBvQDYVP9I – Dressage Dec 12

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeDPHTwG-Kg - SJ FHP Training level

For Sale: Rae - Novice Eventer - SOLD!

6 yr old, 17' bay Irish Sport Horse Gelding by Snowford Bellman. Rae will excel in any discipline. He has a lot of scope. Good mover. He is competing Novice. but will be ready to move up shortly. He is straightforward enough to be an amateur/YR horse, but nice enough to be a pro’s horse. He is an easy keeper, competes barefoot, no vices. Hacks alone or in a group.

https://youtu.be/hOaOxEHSsVw - Rae XC

https://youtu.be/GABxvJ5_04w - Longwood jumping a course

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5HXPHbzWtk – More hunter flat/jumping

https://youtu.be/vLTEqIy3dzA - Rae flat

https://youtu.be/OsBT9wM9ZP4 - Rae Jumping

For Sale: Otis - Sold!

16?1 Black 8 yr old Hanoverian X Gelding. Otis has competed Pre-Training with an amateur, but would also be suitable for Jumpers or Dressage. He is the same at a show as at home. He is a 0.9m packer, but schooling 1.10m courses at home. He is doing first level Dressage work. Otis is good to hack alone or in a group. Otis has no vices, clean legs, easy keeper. His owner is going away to University in the fall, so unfortunately has to sell him this summer. 

For Sale: Darby - SOLD!

5 yr old, 15'3 Palamino. Dream horse!! Darby is kid/amateur friendly. She is very fancy and has a very nice jump. She places very well at the competitions. She has competed in 0.9m jumpers and gone Pre-Training eventing in Canada and the US. She is an easy keeper, clean legs, no vices. Great to hack alone or in a group. Doesn't change at a show.  

For Sale: Ziggy Stardust - SOLD!!

 6 yr old 16'1 Canadian Sport Horse by Tricolore. Ziggy is still green, but very straight forward. He is lovely and soft on the flat, with a beautiful natural canter. He is scopey with nice form over fences. He has started jumping small courses. Ziggy has been ridden and shown at schooling shows with an amateur, but has been sent in to be sold. He is an easy keeper, clean legs, no vices. More video coming soon. 


For Sale: Pete - SOLD!

3 yr old 16' Thoroughbred. Pete is a lovely mover and scopey jumper. He is very quiet and amateur friendly, even though he is still green. He has been out hacking on the road and in the forest and was a perfect gentleman. He has started jumping including xc jumps - logs, ditches. drop and gone through water. He is super brave and not spooky. Clean legs. No vices. $5000



For Sale: Game Changer - SOLD!!

5 yr old TB Gelding. Competing Training level Eventing.


For Sale: Miles to Cruise - SOLD!!

2008 16'2 Grey Irish Sport Horse gelding by top stallion Cruising. Miles has been showing regularly since he was 4. He is great to work with. He has evented at the Training level, but is happier as a jumper. May also be suited as an Equitation horse. Good mover, very scopey. He has free jumped over 5'3 with ease. He has a beautiful natural rhythm that doesn't change. He has been placing well at HITS coming home with a number of ribbons in large classes. Just upgraded to 1.15m but pros have looked at him and said he has potential to be at least a 1.30m horse, and more likely 1.40m amateur horse. He's very relaxed and quiet, but takes you to the fences and has a big enough stride that he ends up being faster without effort. Confirmed changes. He is an easy keeper, clean legs, no vices, no maintenance or supplements required. Good feet. 

He was purchased as a young horse to be a potential team horse for me as I am a short listed member of the Canadian Eventing Team, but he is better suited as a jumper, so I am sadly selling him so that he can do what he truly loves! 

He will be located in Ocala, FL until the middle of April. Price reduced so I can sell him before I leave for Canada.  


For Sale: Happy Feet - SOLD!!

Training Packer, 1.10 m Jumper Experience. Located in Uxbridge. Amateur friendly! 

Ted is a 2007 Bay TB, 16.1 gelding. He has been Eventing since he was 4. He has two complete seasons at Training level, including a season in FL. He has also done 1.10 m jumpers. He has a number of wins and top 5 finishes at the training level. He is ready to go Prelim. Ted is scopey and straight forward. He will do whatever he can not to touch the rails! Would also make a great first horse to do the jumpers with. His owner is focusing on her career so unfortunately has to sell this lovely guy. He tries really hard, and wants to do the right thing! Great to hack. Doesn't change at a show. Not spooky! Located in Uxbridge. Price has been reduced for a quick sale! Please PM for more info. 


For Sale: Molli- SOLD!

16'2, 5 yr old, TB Mare. Molli has a lovely temperament. She is extremely brave, doesn't think twice about jumping anything. She is a good mover with tons of potential. Molli has competed in some Trillium hunter/jumper shows, but has also XC schooled and has the bravery that should allow her to move up the levels quickly. Tons of scope! Molli would make a great YR horse. Very amateur friendly; she doesn't get concerned with a rider making mistakes. She is schooling 3' courses. Molli is not marish, she has no vices, clean legs, great to work with. She hacks alone or in a group. Easy keeper.  $10,000.

For Sale: Harry - SOLD!

3 yr old, 16'1 TB. Harry is a very flashy guy. He has tons of chrome and a natural presence. He has been well started and takes a contact. Harry is a good mover with 3 good gaits. He has started jumping and has springs! Harry is very brave and has jumped ditches, banks, tires, done water and jumping jumps with filler. He is very scopey and has lovely natural form. He has been to Palgrave to be ridden around in a show environment and was perfect! Very quiet, easy going guy! He has a lot of potential and should make it as an upper level eventer. Closely related to CCI**** Eventer Daily Edition. He also hacks alone or in a group. Clean legs, no vices. 

For Sale: Ripple Effect - 1st at  GLEN ORO!!  Open Entry -SOLD!

5 yr old, 16'3 Canadian Sport Horse. "Ricky" is a lovely gentle giant. He has a very laid back demeanour and takes everything in stride. He has 3 very good gates with a big floaty trot and a rocking horse canter. He is jumping courses and is very brave and scopey! He will make someone a very nice horse. He is green, but with some muscle and time under tack it will take no time for this guy to be in the ring winning in any discipline!  He has completed 3 entry level events now. Most recently Glen Oro where he finished on his dressage score and won! Ready to upgrade.  No vices, clean legs. $15K. 

For Sale: Aubrey - SOLD!

5 yr old Hannovarian X by Yellow Creek. 16'1, bay. Good mover and very brave, scopey jumper. Went to Palgrave to do the schooling jumper rounds and jumped around beautifully with her owner! She recently competed at Pickering Horse Center and was in the ribbons for every class! She has been XC schooling and jumped the whole Pre-Training XC course at Dreamcrest. Both Aubrey and Emma made their eventing debut at Grandview in the Junior Pre-Training and finished 7th on their dressage score! She will easily go Prelim if not higher, would make a great young riders horse for someone who doesn't have the budget for a 'made' horse. No vices, clean legs. Hacks alone or in a group. Easy keeper.


For Sale: Larry - SOLD!

9 yr old, bay Thoroughbred. 16'. Good mover and scopey jumper with lovely form over fences. He loves to work and continues to improve daily. He is very brave and fun on XC and wont take long to move up the levels. All round nice guy to have in the barn; easy to handle, good for everything and loves to get attention! Very well behaved at a show, stands well and doesn't change in a show environment. His owner/rider is off to school in the fall so they are looking to sell him. He is very sound, clean legs, no vices. Hacks well on his own or in a group. Larry did his first event Entry at Glen Oro and recently did the Pre-Training at Equus. He will be at Grandview next in the Pre-Training!


For Sale: Wesley - SOLD!

Congrats to Caroline Charette for purchasing this lovely OTTB, 3 yr old. Can't wait to see them out next season!

For Sale: Michelin Star (Payton)

16'3, Canadian Sport Horse. Training level Eventing packer and 1.1m Jumper packer. Has successfully been shown in both disciplines. She is amateur friendly and a great horse to learn the ropes on.


For Sale: Goodfella - Competing Training level - SOLD!

Goodfella a.k.a. Eric is a lovely big boned, 5 yr old, 16’2 Gelding. He is very level headed and good about everything. He is a very brave talented horse. He has very nice form over a fence; snappy knees. Good mover. He is good to hack alone or in a group. Clean legs, no health issues. No vices. He stands alone on the trailer, doesn't get excited being at a show and doesn't change when he goes in the ring. He would make a great amateur/YR horse. This horse is a true gentleman and a lovely horse to have in the barn. He has just started going Training, and took everything in stride. Doesn't even think twice about corners, ditch complexes, water, banks, etc. $18,000.

For Sale: Lady Liberty - SOLD!

15’2, bay, 4 yr old, Dutch Warmblood/Thbd mare. "Sophie" has lovely gates and has a natural presence. She has XC schooled a number of times and been perfect. She is scheduled to do her first event at Caledon in the Open Pre-Training. She has been ridden around at shows and done some schooling shows. She acts much older then 4 and would make a great kids horse now; she doesn't act like your typical 4 yr old. She’s an easy keeper, easy to handle, clean legs and no vices. She should excel in any discipline; she has the brain and desire to work that is required for a good competition horse. Not mare-ish at all! 

For Sale: Rosie - SOLD!

16'2, 4 yr old, Canadian Sport Horse Mare by Rosenthal. Rosie is a very quiet, straightforward, safe horse. She is a good mover and jumper. She has a lovely floaty, big stride at the trot and her canter is going to be very nice; she has a lovely natural rhythm. She is doing basic dressage work. She will jump anything, will make a fantastic eventer, but fancy enough to do straight dressage. She has XC schooled; very brave with ditches, banks and water. He hacks well alone/group. Clean legs, no health issues. No vices.

For Sale: Logan's Run - SOLD!

Logan is a 16'1 grey Gelding 10 yrs old. He has done 4 seasons of  Prelim. He has fox hunted in Virginia. He is a great all round horse that does it all. He is bombproof, and very safe. He's a straight forward ride, 3 nice gaits. He is always in the top 5 after dressage. He keeps a very nice, relaxed rhythm while jumping and has auto changes. He LOVES XC, and takes you to the fences. He could make a good Hunter Derby horse. He would be a great first horse to learn on and show you the ropes. Logan loves attention, is always a perfect gentleman to work with and is good for everything. He is no problem to clip, bath, trailer. He has no vices, no past injuries or health issues. He has clean legs, no maintenance (i.e. no supplements or injections). He is an easy keeper and great being turned out in a group. We have had him since he was 3, so know his entire history. We have done everything we can with him, so now he needs to go have fun with someone else who wants to have a fun, safe horse to ride/learn on. 

For photos and more info: www.reindalynefarm.com there is an entire album of Logan under photos.

Some of Logan's top 5 Results:

2012: 1st, and 2nd - Training level with a student.

2011: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 4th (OHTA Championships) - Prelim. 1st at a Training

2010: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th (OHTA Championships) - all at Prelim 

2009: CCI* -12th, Training - 1st, 5th, Prelim - 4th

Ted - SOLD

 16'1, bay, thbd. gelding. Ted is a very straightforward, kind horse who always tries to please and learns quickly. Ted has a ton of natural presence and is a real eye catcher. He is jumping and is quite brave. He feels very powerful over a fence. Lots of scope, good form. He hacks well alone or in a group. Clean legs, no vices. A pleasure to work with and is constantly improving. He regularly surpasses our expectations!

*Update: Ted went to his first show at Canterdown in the Open Pre-Training and was 7th! He was amazing and went clean SJ and XC! No one could believe it was his first competition; he didn't put a foot wrong and was extremely brave for SJ/XC. He didn't look at anything and just kept getting better and better!


Johnny - SOLD

Johnny is a 16'1 thbd. gelding. He has a great disposition and is uncomplicated to ride. He loves to work and be handled. He's a good mover and has a good jump. He's completed four events at the Pre-Training level and was amazing! He didn't put a foot wrong and was clean sj and xc at all four! Johnny is very brave and willing to try anything. He's great with banks, ditches, water, etc. He hacks alone or in a group. Goes in a snaffle all phases. Easy keeper and no vices. Johnny is a lot of fun and will make a great amateur/kids horse. For photos check out Johnny's album under photos.

*Update: Johnny was 4th at Canterdown in the Open Pre-Training and is now qualified for the OHTA Championships!


Oscar: Sold

3 yr old TB Gelding.